Standard Tuneup $85

Our Standard Tune up includes;

*Adjusting Brakes

*Adjusting Derailleurs

*Trueing Wheels

*Adjusting the Bottom Bracket, Headset, and hubs

*Lubricating and Polishing the whole bike

*Bleeding hydraulic brakes and suspension are extra

Minor Over Haul $190

Our Minor over haul includes all the tune up plus pulling all parts off and cleaning in our parts washer.  Includes flushing hydraulic brakes and repacking all bearings.

Major Overhaul $250

Our major takes our Minor one step further, we replace all cables and housing, rotate tires.

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Know your getting the best

I pride myself knowing your getting the best service the first time.  I have seen just about everything.  I'll never say I've seen it all, still waiting on the next "I was just riding along!" story.

35 + years

The bicycle has come a long way, and is still evolving.  We do our best to stay on top of the newest and greatest, yet come up with our own idea's to better your ride.  If you need something we let you know, and put the right part on the first time